New Year’s Resolutions: Making Them & Sticking to Them


New Year’s Resolutions: Everyone knows about them. Most people talk about them. Some people make them. But not everyone sticks to them.

Why make a New Year’s Resolution?

Making a New Year’s Resolution (or two) is a great way to keep your life in check. Not only can you use it to keep an element of your life in control, but you can also learn a lot about yourself whilst making some beneficial and positive changes.
5 steps towards making and sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions:

1. DO keep it simple

Over-complicating a New Year’s Resolution will only make it harder to stick with, and you may forget what it was you were actually trying to stick with in the first place. Simplicity is key: for example, if you are looking to get fit, maybe choose ‘be in the best physical shape yet’ rather than ‘Drop 4 stone by July by not eating any carbs, whilst trying to hit a 100kg deadlift in the gym, but make sure to run to the gym each time ’.

2. DON’T use negative words

Quit using ‘quit’, and stop using ‘stop’. Switch your New Year’s Resolution round and choose positive words instead; words that will help you to gain or improve. You might be tempted to ‘quit smoking’… instead, trying ‘improve my lung health’ or ‘save all cigarette money in a savings jar’. That way you are improving your health (by giving up cigarettes) and gaining more money by saving the money you would have spent. Win win!

3. DO make sure your resolution is achievable

It sounds obvious, but if you set yourself a ‘failure’ point, then you will never uphold your mantra. Before reading this blog, if your NYR was to ‘give up chocolate’, then as soon as you have a square of that yummy, all-consuming, life-uplifting, wholly-marvellous brown stuff, you will have deemed yourself a failure. And nobody wants to be a failure.

4. DON’T let others choose it for you

Ask yourself why you are setting yourself a New Year’s Resolution. Are you making it because YOU want to, or because someone else has nagged you to do it? Make sure that your NYR is personal to you. Trying to change because others feel you should is not going to benefit you, nor are you going to want to stick with it.

5. DO have fun with it

NYRs shouldn’t be something that you’re dreading! “Oh I really need to drop a few pounds… guess it’s bye-bye to burgers in the new year… Bring on the New Year’s Resolution…*yawn*”. NO! Make it challenging but fun, and you will reap the rewards later down the line. Instead of giving up your favourite fast foods, why not try making your own variations at home?


Don’t be afraid; GO FOR IT!


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